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I'm Pelin and I hope you like feminist rants 'cause that's kind of my thing. Regina Mills is so important. (◡‿◡✿)

THIS IDIOT RIGHT HERE IS THE WORST (shut up pel im not an idiot luv u)

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ruleyorkcity: Rehearsing our scene @tinafey @amypoehler #TheNest #Movielife #Maven #FollowtheRules #UnRuly #GLC

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I’m not interested in them not dating. He’s 40, she’s 34. They had to work so hard to get to the point that they’re at now, and I want to see two people together working hard to make it work than breaking up. That’s not what I’m interested in right now.
Mindy Kaling on Mindy and Danny (x)
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The Awesomes - Amy Poehler is Jaclyn Stone (x)

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do not pity the dead, harry, pity the living, and above all those who think feminism means hating men.

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spell your name with fictional characters

Piper Halliwell

Ellie Torres

Liz Lemon

Ilana Wexler

Niles Crane

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ouat gif battle | outfits
emptyicee vs colinodonorgasm

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It was announced today that Rhea Perlman will be filling the role of Ma Castellano on The Mindy Project this season.

Rhea Perlman is perhaps best-known for her role of Carla on Cheers.

Carla had a dead-beat husband on Cheers. His photo is the second one in the post.

Look familiar to anyone? Deadbeat husband is played by none other than Dan Hedaya AKA our very own Alan Castellano.

In summation, THIS CASTING IS TOO PERFECT FOR WORDS. Well done, once again, Mindy Project.

[Thanks again to evensnarkiersara for bringing this to my attention. My mind is blown.]

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ouat meme: {2/10} characters
             ↳zelena mills:
No matter what we were feeling on the inside, we’d have to put on our best face on the outside. But neither of us ever had that luxury…No matter what we did, our outside showed exactly what was rotting on the inside.”

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